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project details

Location: Catania, Italy
Contributors: ing. Antonio Pedroli
Note: The project consists of the external arrangement of the archaeological site of the Terme Romane all’Indirizzo, through two main interventions: the first concerns the construction of a volume for information and services and the design of a touristic path; the second is related to lighting. For the first operation it was decided to use wood, to ensure, in the future, a more rapid and sustainable reorganization of the area. The volume, externally covered by wooden slats, is shaded by brise-soleil, positioned near the information point window. Here the coating staves goes mobile: remains open during visiting hours to allow the regular performance of info point, closed the rest of the time. The path is developed starting from the entrance to the area, keeping approached the volume of service and following the archaeological site, with a design very fluid produced by the offset of the wooden planks.