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project details

Location: Siracusa, Italy
Designer: ing. Dorotea Cancelliere, arch. Claudia Catalano, ing. Giuseppina Cellino Caudo, ing. Giulia La Ganga Vasta, ing. Carlo Parisi, ing. Antonio Pedroli, ing. Giuseppe Pelleriti, ing. Salvatore Rigaglia, ing. Erika Ruiz, ing. Rozalia Spina

The Christmas tree stirs emotions in every person, child or adult who is; and it is around it that meets the community and become the subject of thoughts and desires beautiful, positive and never banal as a World to Save, Preserve and Recycle.

The RAFIALBERO therefore arises from the awareness and the need to use elements that, in addition to having a low environmental impact, a respect for the place to admire the Baroque, can be a cue to stimulate the processes of creative recycling.

As already known from the name of the tree the key element is therefore the BAST: a fiber (natural or synthetic) tenacious and coarse with multiple usage in various areas but mainly in gardening as a support for the binding of the grafts in plants.

So the message you want to give through this material is lightweight but also because of the tenacity necessary to preserve what you have with small actions that together create the full knowledge and the protection of property and of the important places. The characteristic of raffia allows various uses and between the more beautiful for children could be the decoration gifts.

For this reason the RAFIALBERO consists of building materials such as iron used entirely in the structural part, the spruce wood for the platform and strip of light at night to create fascinating effects.

The metal structure in iron, from the static function, will consist of individual pieces to facilitate transport and assembly on site:

• a cerclage (circular plate) diameter 6 mt. and a height of 21cm;

• a box-shaped radial pattern with eight arms, each anchored at one end to the central pylon and the other to a metal plate bolted to the cerclage;

• a central pylon octagonal, high 8mt., Which present two tubes each with a different diameter 4mt set one inside the other to obtain a telescopic effect; at its summit there will be two circular plates from which do tend tapes raffia;

• planks of fir wood 2cm thick and about1.5 meterslong. supported by wooden blocks positioned on recycled and cerclage and radially.

The shape of the tree will be achieved entirely by a thick knitted raffia anchored on both the plank through the slots on the top-nails and the circular plates; will position the nails spaced5 cmin obtaining a diameter of 4m. not just a smooth surface but a conical profile that invokes the bustling section of a fir tree. On the central pier will be silicone strip of LEDs in warm white IP66 connected via cables in neoprene to power at the base in IP67, conveniently hidden and protected.

At night, the light will radiate outward and filtering through the mesh raffia will create special lighting effects on the square.

During the day the RAFIALBERO show its colors will vary with shades of ocher yellow and white to enhance the church and surrounding buildings that intravedranno; with the passage of the wind through the plots of raffia, from ‘shiny, stiff, lightweight and durable, will create movements and you will hear a rustle of recall.