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project details

Location: Catania, Italy
Designer: arch. Salvatore Contrafatto
Construction manager: arch. Salvatore Contrafatto
Contributors: arch. Antonino Salanitro, ing. Giulia La Ganga Vasta
Link: youtube video
Note: Land Art Project created by Clare Littlewood At the top the hill of the Cardinale in Catania, where he held the First Exhibition of Garden Plants for Mediterranean 7 to 9 April 2012, will be made by the Land Art Landscape designed by Clare Littlewood: A Glance. The Gebbia in the middle of the Estate – a large tank full of water, part of the ancient irrigation system of citrus inherited from the Arabs – will become the pupil of an enormous eye that will monitor the site of the Exhibition from Catania. The land art project conceived by Clare Littlewood wants to be a call to attention for the Landscape and an homage to classic cultural roots of Sicily. In Greek mythology, in fact, the three Cyclops – giant relatives of the Gods, Jupiter blacksmiths – were fitted with a single eye in the forehead and had their workshop under Mount Etna. The myth has it that the three Steropes Cyclopes, Brontes, Arges still continue to live Etna creating smoke with their forges. Inspired by the myth of the Cyclops, the work of Dr. Gebbia Littlewood states that the seal of the Cardinal is painted with an eye on the side facing the valley, while outside the white of the eye will be drawn and filled in marble sand white. The thick Cyclopean eye lashes will be represented by a row of agaves. From the two ends of the eye along the terraces of the estate will go down two rows of cypress trees divided in groups of three (recall the heraldic emblem of the family Bonajuto, land owner and organizer of the event in partnership with Great Italian Gardens, the name of the Trinity- their farm, the three Cyclopes, the trident of Poseidon and of Sicily Trinacria) for each line (terrace) – thus there will be a visual embrace to the event website. From the center of the eye of the Cyclops go down a lightning flash in zigzags, consisting of shrubs of Lantana camara, red and yellow, the colors of fire and Sicily. The flowers are another tribute to Greek mythology, recall the myth of Persephone, goddess of vegetation and the symbol of the harvest sprouting in spring, often identified with the island of Sicily. All plants used for the production of “A Glance” come from Torsanlorenzo – Florovivaistico Group.