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project details

Location: Floridia (SR), Italy
Contributors: Ing. Antonio Brunetto, Ing. Giorgia Ferlazzo, Ing. Dacia Impellizzieri, Ing. Gabriele Marano, Ing. Rozalia Spina
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Note: The project is born from the idea of a school no longer understood as a closed institution, but a unicum of relationships with the surrounding environment, a living school that, alongside the inevitable tasks of an educational agency, can promote those new formative dynamics that, with cooperative learning, ICT and atelier, lead the student protagonist in his longlife learning within the large open court and a highly flexible classroom. The quality of the wrap, heat recovery, and sunlight exploitation give you more sustainability and lower operating costs. Attention to sustainability also affects the life cycle of the structure. The choice of building materials (steel and wood), in fact, is motivated by a dry construction site. This implies not only the speed of the work, but also the dismounting of the structures to proceed to the reuse of the materials being decommissioned.