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project details

Location: Roma, Italy
Designer: Salvatore Contrafatto
Contributors: ing. Giuseppina Cellino Caudo, arch. Silvana Ciraolo, arch. Cinzia Lucia Trovato
Note: The GATE (terminal art gallery) is located in the lateral area of ??the Termini Station, with single and direct access from the service corridor to the last track, intended for the connection with Fiumicino airport. The entrance hall is configured as a space where information activities and services are concentrated. There are centrally placed exhibitors visible from the entrance, crowned with luminous elements and monitors that project images related to the initiatives under way and in planning. Equipped rest areas intertwine between showcase containers and desks dedicated to specific services: bookshop, flybook, information and ticket booking for exhibitions and exhibitions, consultation of multimedia catalogs, equipped columns for internet connection and for the charge of batteries of cell phones and notebooks. Taking advantage of the lifts, the user can access the premises used for exhibitions and other activities in progress (conferences, debates, projections, educational activities, etc.).