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project details

Location: Piedimonte Etneo - Catania, Italy
Designer: Salvatore Contrafatto, Salvatore Asero
Construction manager: Salvatore Contrafatto, Salvatore Asero
Contributors: Antonino Salanitro
Note: A full range of maintenance works, designed to restore and restore the dignity of ethics and aesthetics of a monument of great artistic interest, otherwise it starts to decline safe. The building dates from the early eighteenth century (1718) and in the front, as well as the whole body experience, is read the dominant features of the late Renaissance. In addition to countless stylistic and architectural alterations and removals occurred over time, both inside and outside of the monument will show further signs of deterioration, due both to the time that the aggression of atmospheric agents. Inside the church, on the west elevation, there are cracks between the wall and the triumphal arch, and other superficial lesions on the cornice, the causes are to be found in the continuous stress to which the structure is subjected to the action of vibration adjacent roadway, on which passes across the light and heavy vehicle traffic directed at Lingfield and Mount Etna.