project details

Location: Sant'Agata li Battiati (CT) - Italy
Contributors: Ing. Mario Patti, Ing. Antonio Pedroli, Ing. Salvo Raiti, Ing. Rozalia Spina
Note: EXISTING BUILDING The existing building occupies a total gross area of ??about 385 square meters, and, planimetrically, has an articulated linear conformation, consisting of two buildings, without continuity: one tending to a square - to the west - and the other, smaller and re-entrant - to the east - tending to a rectangle. It is accessed from the square-shaped building in which there are n. 3 classrooms, internally connected to each other, equipped with relative toilets. In the rectangular shaped body, disengaged from a central corridor that departs from the entrance, there are connective services (teachers room, direction), with relative sanitary - sanitary facilities, as well as kitchen, pantry, boiler room and electrical panels. The building is isolated, surrounded by open spaces, in which some trees stand, and consists of a ground floor raised above the surrounding land. The difference in height between the outside and inside is overcome by steps on the main entrance and for the purpose of removing architectural barriers as well as the use of prams and prams for children, a ramp adjacent to the 'main entrance. & Nbsp; THE ENLARGEMENT PROJECT Firstly, as regards the structural and organizational standards for early childhood services, the Presidential Decree of the Sicilian Region of 16 May 2013 was taken into account, with which the DPRS of 29/06/198 and the D.P. n. 128 of 23/03/2011. This, in particular, with regard to the organization of the sections, appurtenant services, the articulation of the interior spaces as well as the receptivity (maximum 60 places). Therefore, in one with the expansion of the existing building it was deemed necessary to carry out a total functional reorganization of the existing internal spaces in compliance with the new decree on minimum standards. For the purpose of enlargement a new building was planned in the east, almost symmetrical to the one existing in the west, in adherence to the existing rectangular structure. Therefore, planimetrically, the new conformation of the asylum will be of three factory buildings in line, determining an inverted "U" conformation in which the two square-shaped bodies - almost equal - are connected by the rectangular body that becomes central determining a recess on the southern side, used as a patio. They have been obtained n. 3 sections:
  • Section "A" for n. 21 children, in a surface of 126.60 square meters;
  • Section "B" for n. 11 children, in an area of ??62.20 square meters;
  • Section "C" for n. 25 children, in a surface of 165.25 square meters.
The three sections are connected by a wide corridor and each section has been equipped with the relative sanitary facilities. They also found a new location for general services that can also be accessed directly from outside (offices, kitchen pantry, boiler room) with related services, including a W.C. for the disabled.